Lego Bumblebee/barricade Combo Build





Introduction: Lego Bumblebee/barricade Combo Build

About: Hi I am Jingo69 I have been posted lots of K'nex car tutorials in the past but haven't been posting for a while due to A-level exams and stuff, I will probably be posting in the summer though! ______________...

These are my first three transformers that I had ever made out of anything! This instructable will onlybe for bumblebee and barricade and I will not post octamus prime. if you only want to build barricade, skip to step 5 and start from start if you want to build both, these transformers are fairly simple, resulting barricade to transform in around 7 seconds! and bumblebee to transform in around 11 seconds , they dont use many technic peices too and doesn't take many peices all round so anyone can build these. if anyone has any questions or thinks that something is unclear, as always tell me and i can help!  
if you build this PLEASE tell me what you think, rate, comment and subscribe!!!!!


(barricade) transformes neatly into a robot with no peices dettaching or attaching in the process
barricade has a fairly good colour- scheme and looks like a mustang
both don't use many peices
bumblebee has a great colour sceme
bumblebee stands with no support neaded
bumblebee's head is safely stored in the between the back
bumblebee has two guns which are neatly stored so they cant be seen in car mode
quite strong considering they can transform
its not that easy to notice its a tranformer in car mode
neat transformation

con's 4

bumblebee doesnt look that good as a camaro
barricade doesnt have any guns please mod so it does
bumblebee doesnt have a full yellow and black colour scheme but you can do change it you if you have the peices
bumblebee's head is separate

Step 1: Were Starting With Bumblebee.

try to follow the pictures as best as you can and please tell me if you dont understand something so i can tell you what to do or put more pictures up!


-the first picture is just to display the front (the thing we will start with)

-pictures six and seven are of the same piece

-pictures nine and ten are showing what you should have now

Step 2: Middle of Bumblebee

the middle of it (doors=arms)


pictures 11 and 12 are of the same part

picture 25 sorry about the flash

pictures 34 and 35 are of the same part

Step 3: The Back of Bumblebee

The back, this splits in half like scissors and there is a bit which keeps the head safely inside


pictures 1 and 2 are just to show the back of the car

picture 3 onwards to picture 26 make 2 of everything shown!

picture 27 and 28 are of the same thing, different angle

Step 4: Now to Transform It!!!!

do all this in special order.

for the final transformation just attach the head where shown

Step 5: Barricade

time to make barricade! it transformes in the same way bumblebee does.

Step 6: Main Middle

Step 7: The Back of Barricade

make two of all things from picture 2-_

Step 8: Transformation Time

first open the doors,then open the scissor back, and then flip the front up.

Step 9: Make Your Own Army of Transformers!

Now its your job to moddify your transformers and grow your own autobots/decepticons army!!!!!!!



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    It's cool but it's not the best, instead of the doors being arms, have tremendous come out of the sides

    thanks m8 :) :)

    pretty cool,
    its shame bout the green face though, ive just learnt a trick to negate the need to construct a head (or sacrifice the look for a stand in head). check out my lego transformers head instructable.
    great job and its inspired me to build some.

    1 reply

    this better than my car, i rate 4 stars