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If a pile of Lego exists somewhere in your house, the second law of thermodynamics dictates that the collection of blocks will not be neatly organized, but rather will be a chaotic (and probably growing...) pile from a multitude of different sets. Even constraining the pile to the bounds of a table or a blanket or a box is no trivial task, and the constant battle against entropy has exercised aficionados (and their parents!) ever since the invention of Lego. Here's my attempt to bring order to a tiny corner of the universe, for a minimum expenditure of personal energy...

Step 1: Design

Picture of Design
There were a few elements I wanted to include in the table. I wanted a gutter around the outside, like laxap's Playmobil table. I wanted it to have legs, so we could put the bigger storage drawers of Lego that we already have underneath. I wanted the table to include storage, but I didn't want to make lots of drawers. I wanted there to be plenty of room around it so two or more kids could play without getting in each other's way, but not so big that it took up most of their bedroom... so, I wanted it to slide out for playing, and to slide out of the way when not. Here's what I came up with.
klixtopher made it!5 months ago

Thanks for this! Made it for my girls, adjusted the size to accommodate their Lego Friends play-mat. I plan on putting square containers inside it to hold all the bits and pieces.

makendo (author)  klixtopher5 months ago

Brilliant! Looks great, thanks for posting.

OceanLady1 year ago

This is awesome! I can see modifying it for my son's Thomas train collection. Might have to make that my summer project.

hufan2 years ago
Very nice work
dana-dxb2 years ago
awsome so good and practicl
Buzzyman3 years ago
I made this table and i love it, went a little bigger on the specs.......nice work on the plans. This was exactly what i envisioned when i thought about a lego table. I am very impressed with your work on this Makendo.
makendo (author)  Buzzyman3 years ago
It looks great, very solid! And thanks - it has made a huge difference in our house in terms of keeping all the Lego off the floor and in roughly one place - hopefully you'll have the same result.
Not a Lego on the floor yet....running out of room already...cool thing is those M:tron and space police sets are from when i was was a boy, 22 years ago...saved them all and still have all the pieces...the boy is happy
Jaydin lego.jpgjaydin Table.jpg
jeff-o4 years ago
Very cool. My kids will be old enough for Lego in just a few years...
makendo (author)  jeff-o4 years ago
Thanks jeff-o. It is working out amazingly well - the gutter slowly fills up, prompting some re-sorting (not exclusively by the boys, admittedly), but best of all, the bricks don't end up all over the floor. I think the only thing I'd change would be to make the boxes a little shallower, say 150 mm instead of 200 mm. A deep box is a bit of a pain for sorting.
jeff-o makendo4 years ago
Good to know! Thanks.
mary candy4 years ago
Beautiful work.
seamster4 years ago
Very nice! I really like it, and the paint job looks great too.
That is the best organized LEGO I've ever seen, all mine are in a big drawer and I can't ever find anything specific.
makendo (author)  The Ideanator4 years ago
Sounds like you're at stage 3: http://news.lugnet.com/storage/?n=707
Yeah, pretty much. I ought to make a wall of those blue industrial bins just for lego so I can skip the digging through the 30 cubic feet of lego that will end up accumulating when I have kids. On a related note, does anyone know where, if at all, one could get large structural pieces (20x20x5, 10x2x5, etc.) for building internals?
makendo (author)  The Ideanator4 years ago
So build the wall with one of those rolling library ladders.
makendo (author)  The Ideanator4 years ago
Hmmm... always wanted one of those...
Who doesnt? Those things are awesome!
MicioGatta4 years ago
CementTruck4 years ago
Except for the brown carpet, I thought I was looking at a picture of my son's room for a minute.

Great idea. I might just have to take some of your design ideas and incorporate it into one of my projects for his room.
makendo (author)  CementTruck4 years ago
It's a common scene, all right. Thanks & good luck with the build.
gallagad4 years ago
This is one of the clearest and bestl-documented Instructables I've read. Are the two small boys required, or could I make do with one still-Lego-obsessed college student?
LOL, I think the 2 small boys just help I am sure age is not a requirement for the project though.
makendo (author)  gallagad4 years ago
Thanks - you might just want to make the legs longer... :)
Fun2Hold4 years ago
Absolutely LOVE this. I've got a ton of LEGO-fanatic friends, going to share this with them!!!
makendo (author)  Fun2Hold4 years ago
Cheers - critiques from the experts welcome, I'll add suggestions for improvements to the documentation.