Picture of Lego flak 88mm anti-aircraft gun
in this instructable i will be telling you how to build a lego flak 88mm anti-aircraft turret also this is only my second instructable yada yada yada...

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Step 1: The barrel

Picture of The barrel
First find 5 of those cylindrical block things and push them together

Step 2: The next bit

Picture of The next bit
find one stud and a double sided thing (see picture)

Step 3: The double underneath thing

Picture of The double underneath thing
find two tubes two studs two connector peg studs and a two to one plate (assemble as shown)

Step 4: Attaching them

Picture of attaching them
find a 2x1 plate and assemble as shown

Step 5: The rear bit

Picture of the rear bit
(now the names are making sense) find parts and assemble.


Picture of CONNECTION!!!
(see) again find parts and assemble

Step 7: The legs 1

Picture of The legs 1
find parts clip sliders on end of the six long thing (MAKE FOUR OF THESE)

Step 8: The legs 2

Picture of The legs 2
find flat thing then put on legs then spinner then 2x2 plate then 2x2 round thing

Step 9: The base

Picture of The base
find and assemble (you dont have to use the same fence thing but put something along the lines of that in

Step 10: Elevation mechanisem

Picture of Elevation mechanisem
assemble as shown

Step 11: Attachment!

Picture of attachment!
pretty self explanetory

Step 12: Bullet shield mount

Picture of bullet shield mount
again assemble as shown

Step 13: Bullet shield

Picture of bullet shield
flak 88 013.jpg
again find and assemble

Step 14: Bullet shield 2

Picture of bullet shield 2
put some decor on the front of camo or some flat plates

Step 15: CONNECTION!!!

Picture of CONNECTION!!!
clip the rotating clip things to the other ones

Step 16: Assembiliy

Picture of Assembiliy
clip the front of the base to the middle of the bullet shield also clip the front two studs of the gun to the two to one plate things

Step 17: Assembly 2

Picture of Assembly 2
do as shown

Step 18: Assembily 3

Picture of assembily 3
do this

Step 19: Assembily 4

Picture of assembily 4
this is pretty strait foward

Step 20: Ammo

Picture of ammo
this is how you make the ammo for the flak 88

Step 21: DONE!!!

Picture of DONE!!!
and there you have it one German flak 88 millimeter anti aircraft gun!!! 
retrotimelord (author) 3 years ago
Sweet thnx guyz
Cool! Nice job!
lookS NARLY!!! (:
monsterlego3 years ago
Looks good! nice job!