Lego Geared Bus With Steering.





Introduction: Lego Geared Bus With Steering.

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Hi , this is my Lego bus, which has steering as well as seating throughout the vehicle.The Internal seating can hold 12 men in total ( 2 a seat row ). With 3 a seat , you can fit 15 in. It was my own design and it uses about 350 pieces. It is a rear wheel drive bus which is powered by a clockwork motor. It took about 5 hours and a lot of frustration to make.  The hardest part of the whole vehicle was the gearing and steering which had to be made into a small area of the bus.

My Inspiration and why I made it.

My main reason why I made this lego bus is because I see buses when I go to school and I decided to make my own. It has many features of the real thing and it is a very good build due to its realistic shape and additional parts such as seating and steering. I also had many yellow pieces and I needed to make something  with them and not leave them out. As well as me frequently using k'nex an my main building toy, I occasionally have thoughts that it would make a good change to make something out of lego.  



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    It is stuff like this that makes me wish I still had my legos... Good job!

    so awesome!

    Nice! I guess there went something wrong in the description, as it says
    ''about 20 pieces''

    Where are the doors?

    I like the authenticity

    what sets did you use for this amazing bus

    It looks very authentic, and I like that it's geared. Can you provide details of the gears, and how you did the steering?