Lego Gun Actually Shoots!




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Introduction: Lego Gun Actually Shoots!

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Lego gun acuttly shoots!

Step 1: Basic Structure

you need a rocket launcher with rocket. connect the rocket launcher to the 2 14x1s. Put a 4x14 flat on top or make a substitute on it then add a longer trigger and 2x2 brick on top of a 4x2 brick underneath then put together.

Step 2: Barrel and Handle

add the barrel peices and lower cap to finish barrel. the make a handle to your hand size and comfort. Then add decoration. you are done.



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    I belived that you copied my ideas, almost the same design of my previous lego gun(I haven't post it). Pretty cool.

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    Reley? first time I mad that gun was when I was 7 years old so I geuss we had the same idea or uoi coppied me.

    I've made something like that a few years ago too, so...

    I made mine differently with rubberbands, it even had a working ammo clip and safety

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