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Hello again,

Step 1: Unfortunately

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Just like my other instructable (my first one) I'm going to have to make another download on digital designer until im more experienced with

Step 2: Loading....

put in the little bar and attach a rubber band to it. Thats it.

Step 3: Shooting....

Pull the bar back, put in a bullet, let go!

Step 4: Download....

Click the link and wait. Click no, Now click the top right button and click the right arrows to see how to make this. Hope you enjoy! Other gun amazingCheck out our site


crank_girl (author)2015-04-05

I have a question: what is it about this gun that makes it more suitable for girls?

Gmking5555 (author)crank_girl2015-04-05

well..... its pink and purple lol plus no one has girl guns out there right?

crank_girl (author)Gmking55552015-04-05

Oh where to begin...

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