Picture of Lego hand crank flashlight
This is super easy to make and woks supprisingly well!
its pretty cool

Step 1: Pats

Picture of Pats
Here's The things you need:

1.Lego Mindstorms motor

2.a few lego parts

3.short lego cable

4.an LED
mikemike8 years ago
You know I love these lego cranks using the motors cuz' i have 13 of em' and have no use for them :D...nice design
you mean you stopped building robots?
xiaochou8 years ago
Just a thought from a newbie: I wonder if anybody has thought about trying to accomplish the same thing with an old fishing reel by basically making the reel a generator/motor, adding a capacitor/battery, etc. May be a great gift for all those fishin' buddies out there.
make an instructable on that!
Fat Bagel8 years ago
thats a great idea to use a fishing reel it could work really well
labp22198 years ago
i love legos and i love LEDs this is
the best thing i have ever seen!!!
Ian018 years ago
Axle. Angle connector.
LasVegas8 years ago
Crank the other way, or reverse the LED. Try putting in two LEDs of different colors and opposite polarity. Then you get a different color depending on which way you crank the motor.
admanrocks (author)  LasVegas8 years ago
Ya thats a geat idea, i didn't think of that
Elastometer8 years ago
Nice little Instructable! I fancy having a go at this and maybe adding a capacitor battery and substituting the yellow led for a blue one. Cheers for that!
VIRON8 years ago
nice. I have a similar instructable project but not with lego.