This is super easy to make and woks supprisingly well!
its pretty cool

Step 1: Pats

Here's The things you need:

1.Lego Mindstorms motor

2.a few lego parts

3.short lego cable

4.an LED
You know I love these lego cranks using the motors cuz' i have 13 of em' and have no use for them :D...nice design
you mean you stopped building robots?
Just a thought from a newbie: I wonder if anybody has thought about trying to accomplish the same thing with an old fishing reel by basically making the reel a generator/motor, adding a capacitor/battery, etc. May be a great gift for all those fishin' buddies out there.
make an instructable on that!
thats a great idea to use a fishing reel it could work really well
i love legos and i love LEDs this is <br/><em><strong>the best thing i have ever seen!!!</strong></em><br/>
Axle. Angle connector.
Crank the other way, or reverse the LED. Try putting in two LEDs of different colors and opposite polarity. Then you get a different color depending on which way you crank the motor.
Ya thats a geat idea, i didn't think of that
Nice little Instructable! I fancy having a go at this and maybe adding a capacitor battery and substituting the yellow led for a blue one. Cheers for that!
nice. I have a similar instructable project but not with lego.

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