Be the life of the party when you start taking real photos with a Lego camera!!!  In reality, this is just a case for an iPhone 4, but the iPhone 4 is a very capable picture taker and its small form factor makes it ideal for serving as the guts of this Lego camera.

Difficulty Level:  Easy
Approximate assembly time: 30-45 minutes

This design features an ornamental lens made of a wheel, a viewfinder, and a fake shutter release button.  As you can see on the front of the camera, there is an opening for the actual lens of the iPhone.  The back of the camera features a large opening which allows you to access the home button and the entire touch surface of the phone.  An important convenience feature is the hinged door on the side fo the camera which allows for easy insertion and removal of the phone.  While the volume and lock buttons are not accessible when the phone is in the case, I am able to easily lock the phone by opening the side door and gently pressing the phone inward so that the lock button presses against the opposite wall of the Lego case.

For this instructable, I have included a build photo of each layer of the case with the required pieces for each step.  I have also provided a complete list of pieces used to build this camera at the tail end of this instructable.

Please leave any questions or comments about how this instructable could be improved.

I hope you enjoy this project!


Step 1: Layer 1 - the Foundation

This step requires the following pieces:

2 - 2x16 flat bricks
5 - 1x4 flat bricks
1 - 4x4 flat brick
1 - 2x4 flat brick

Assemble the pieces as shown below.  Obviously, in this step the bricks are not actually held together by anything.  The second layer will take care of that.

<p>i had to substitute some pieces but all in all a great build!</p>
<p>I love it!its very cool!</p>
One word: Glue
Hey, I think I will make one with a real shutter release, because, ever since iOS 5 came out, you could take pics using the vol+ button. i would just need to make a lego press it, and voila! ible, anyone?<br>
This is great! <br><br>If you have a lego store nearby - they sell loose blocks. You can get a very large bin filled for $15. They may not have all these pieces available, but the Chicago store had most.
This is pretty neat, I'm going to try it whenever I can :)
Wow, very cool!
you worked this out very very well!
This is Just.So.Awesome.<br><br>I think I got my first Lego set in 1977, when I was 6. One of the things I vividly remember building was a camera, which included a slot where I stored small square pieces of heavy paper, on which I had drawn pictures of various settings around our house and yard. I would aim the camera, make a very authentic &quot;k-chk&quot; sound, and *bing*! out would come the picture. Mine was a Polaroid camera, of course, but your design is remarkably similar.<br><br>I need to go out and find those NXT pieces and build this immediately.
nice project . :)
5***** Totally awesome!<br>I especially like the part where you insert the iphone! So that it does not just fall of!
this is so cool! good job!
Thank you, Mr. Spoqui! Best regards!
My son is going to LOVE this! I'm sure he will complete it by the end of the day. Thanks!!
Thank you, channyne! Just be warned: you may be seeing a little less of your iPhone/iPod Touch unless he has his own. :-)
Cool idea! My kids are absolutely going to love this one.
Thank you, Chris!
WOW!!<br><br>I just love this!<br><br>I'm going to delve into the kids cupboards immediately and see what lego I can find.<br><br>Great instructable!
Thank you, Dilly Dog! I would love to see what your camera ends up looking like. One of my friends after seeing my camera wanted to build one with all black pieces to make it look more like an actual camera.<br><br>Cheers!
Ah ha ha haa, that's pure genius! Love the idea.<br><br>It may have been better if you included the video within this Instructable, instead of having three of the same project.
Thanks, Kryptonite!<br><br>As for the multiple instructables, I started with a simple photo instructable which can't be converted to a video instructable (at least I couldn't figure out how to do it). So when I finally got around to creating a video, I just created a new submission. Of course, when I finally got around to taking step-by-step photos of the build process, I ran into the same problem of not being able to convert a video instructable into a step-by-step instructable. And I can't seem to delete old instructables so while I'm excited about this project, I'm sure I come off as being overly so.<br><br>Ha ha.<br><br>Cheers!<br>Mike

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