Picture of Lego iPhone Speaker Stand
I've looked around a bit, and to my great surprise, I have not seen very many iPhone/phone speaker stands (I've seen plenty of charging docks though). Thus this Instructable was born!

I will be showing you how to make a simple, effective iPhone speaker stand. It amplifies the sound a little, but it's main purpose is to direct the sound in a more specific direction rather than all over the place like it usually does. With the simpleness of this design, it is easy to switch the speaker hole to the other side (which is useful if you have an iPod touch; just put the stand on it's side to accommodate an iPod!)!

This is also meant to be an as-cheap-as-free alternative to an iHome, which indeed is quite above my budget. Although it does not have the quality of an iHome, it certainly is better than being in debt for a year to pay for one.

Here's a video on the assemblage of this nifty Lego creation:

Also, this Instructable is in the Toy Building Blocks contest and the I Can Make That contest. Please feel free to vote for this Instructable!

Step 1: The Parts...

Picture of The Parts...
These are the parts I used for this, but you can substitute any parts of this with whatever you happen to have:

   - 1 1x2x5high
   - 1 1x1
   - 2 1x3x5high
   - 3 1x8
   - 3 1x3 Slanted
   - 3 1x1 Smooth Slanted
   - 4 1x10
   - 4 1x6
   - 4 1x2
   - 6 1x3
   - 7 2x4
   - 11 1x4

   - 1 4x6
   - 1 1x2
   - 1 2x2
   - 1 2x3
   - 1 2x4
   - 1 4x10
   - 1 1x1 Smooth
   - 1 2x2 Smooth
   - 2 1x3
   - 2 2x10
   - 2 1x2 Smooth

And one iPhone!
NickDH1 year ago
This looks really interesting!
Too bad I have a huge, heavy Samsung Galaxy Note! :P