Introduction: Lego IPhone Stand

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In this tutorial I build an iPhone stand out of lego bricks.  This stand is great for making stop motion movies or just using to take a movie or pictures.

Step 1: Base

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Start out with a base and add flat Lego pieces to the perimeter

Step 2: Add Gray Bricks

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Then add gray bricks spanning the entire way of the platform length wise next to the little bricks

Step 3: Add Bricks on Top of the Gray Bricks

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Put bricks on top of the gray bricks in any arrangement you would like

Step 4: Detail Bricks

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After you make the basis of the Lego stand you can add any assortment of colorful bricks to your pleasing

Step 5: Then Make the Back Bigger

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After that you have to increase the size of the back of the holder so that it can hold and support your iPhone

Step 6: Add More Detail

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Build up the back so it supports your iPhone an than add detail and colored bricks to your liking.

Step 7: Finished

Put in your iPhone and than you are ready to go!

Step 8:

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Step 9:

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