Introduction: Lego Phone Cradle/Wheel Dolly

Picture of Lego Phone Cradle/Wheel Dolly

All pieces needed:
2: 2x6 flat stud pieces
3: 1x6 flat pieces
2: 1x4 flat pieces
2: 1x6 bricks
4: 1x2 hole bricks
1: 1x4 brick
4: 1x1 slanted pieces
4: 1x1 flat pieces
2: 2x4 boat like pieces

Step 1: Construction of Phone Cradle

Picture of Construction of Phone Cradle

Step 2: Legs of Stand

Picture of Legs of Stand

2: 1x6 flat stud pieces
2: 2x6 flat stud pieces
2: wing stud pieces
3: 2x10 flat stud pieces

Step 3: Construction of Legs

Picture of Construction of Legs

Step 4: *optional* Wheel Dolly

Picture of *optional* Wheel Dolly

Add wheels to hope bricks to add functionality to the stand!


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