Lego IPod Dock





Introduction: Lego IPod Dock

A simple dock!

Step 1: LEGO IPod Dock

This is one of the many LEGO iPod docks out there, its pretty simple.
Should be like a 4 min. build. I,ve lost the pictures from this project (making the switch to my Mac),
so if you would like more info I posted a bricksmith file on the intro page and there are more pics on my website/blog and i'm to lazy to offload them and upload them here.
My Website is http:/
and my blog is http:/



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    Hey peeps check out my Lego iPod dock just click on my name :)

    good choice to switch to mac. i wish i had $80,789 CURSE ME.

    For those who need instructions: Seriously? Do you need instructions on how to build four walls & a space in the middle for the dock with Legos? Shameful. Kudos for the Lego iPod dock & iPod Wizard n.n

    This is great! Now I am going to buy a new iPod just so I can use my Lego iPod dock!

    He's trying to show off his iPod Wizard. >.>

    What is an iPod Wizard?

    It's custom software for your iPod.

    Based on my experience, this type of dock tends to apply excessive stress to the plastic dock connector. I left my connector in a similar dock for a few months. I discovered that the connector developed small cracks. I don't recommend this unless you have a bunch of dock connectors.

    are u guys retarded?! IT'S LEGOS- nice job by the way, and what IS a iPod wizard?