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This is a dock made for an ipod nano using Lego and the adapter supplied with the ipod. It is a nano adaptation of another full size lego iPod dock.

Step 1: Prepare the Adapter and Sync Cable

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You will need enlarge the hole in the bottom of the adapter. A dremmel with a small cylindrical grinding stone will make short work of this. To use this without dissasembling the sync cable a simple zip tie will keep the tabs pressed in and allow the nano to slide in and our easily.

I passed the cable through the adapter, attached the nano and slid it into the adapter. This will allow glueing the sync cable in place. It looks kinda getto becuase I used the remains of the zip ties to glue everything together.

Step 2: Build Lego Stand

Picture of Build Lego Stand

Next build the dock. It is a pretty simple build. The block is just there to clamp the dock in place and hold it still. I added the lid just for something to do.

Step 3: Use and Enjoy

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Plug in and enjoy. The added benifit, when not in use people will think you have a USB powered lego box.

This is my first attempt at an instructable. As you can tell. Any feedback would be appreciated.



funsize07 (author)2012-07-05

This instructable is great! I made it with a couple tweaks, but thanks for the idea!

sanderisbestok (author)2010-10-29

I have made my own version with this as basic for the Ipod Touch. The only thing you can't do is place a double lego piece (Pic 5) on the sides. I Love it. THNKS

sh2902 (author)2009-07-09

Thanks so much man, even though i dont have a nano, i based my lego ipod touch dock of of this.

(YOUR N (author)sh29022010-10-20

Same here

DRADIS (author)2008-05-07


picgin7 (author)2008-03-01

Wow!! This is an amazing dock, I love how the hinges let it open up so that when you don't use it it just looks like a big block made of lego!

Constructo Man (author)2007-11-21

Does this work for 2nd gen nanos?

Yes, it does. You just need the little white plastic piece that came with your 2nd gen nano instead of the one used in this instructable. In fact I have an instructable for a LEGO docking station for 2nd gen nanos... <>

bigpinecone (author)2007-01-20

why doesn't someone make a zen micro dock? i'm getting one for my birthday(in 8 days!!) so i'll probly be the first

Nihal (author)bigpinecone2008-01-03

hey the zen micro is not as popular as a ipod nano, and, why don't you make one? that would be cool. !

bigpinecone (author)Nihal2008-01-03

i dunno. do you have one? i found it to be unnesesary to make one because the plugin is on the top. it'd be pretty tricky to line that up. especially with legos.

Shifrin (author)2008-01-02

Thanks! You gave me an Idea for an Awesome Instructable! Well done. +1

drum=forarmmuscle (author)2008-01-02

this is really cool. now i can have something to look cool for ipod nano. to find more cool stuff go to my instructable page

diyman (author)2007-12-07

nice. good thinkin

Pie_eata (author)2007-10-18

nice idea on teh zip tie

old_bass_masta (author)2007-10-07

Dude! i based one on your design, its pretty damn cool pics are soon

Mr.Devious (author)2007-01-19

Although you put honest time into this, can you not waste web space with something that hasn't been don't a hundred times?

crapflinger (author)Mr.Devious2007-01-19

could you not "waste web space" (as if it were possible to do such a thing) by being an asshole? nicely written, and good pictures.. next...see if you can find a way to put some LEDs in the holes along the front and side that light up when you plug it in

WonkoDsane (author)crapflinger2007-01-21

You wanted LEDs well there you go. Well kinda. Actually those run from a second USB cable going into the back of the box. I only have one iPod cable so I don't want to go hacking it apart until I have a backup.

skwurul (author)WonkoDsane2007-05-15

You really don't need the LEDs, you know.

Mr.Devious (author)crapflinger2007-01-19

leds would most likely drain too much. And yes this does waste web space, this page alone probably takes up at least 1mb in the server's raid setup, so sure that's 1mb, but you get 500 or more people that write instructables that have been done too many times already - server hd = webspace. Therfore, it's just literally unessasary.

But that's all he knows how to be.

ewilhelm (author)Mr.Devious2007-01-20

This is a nonconstructive comment, and you and I both know it's not the first one you've made; please make it your last. There's multiple right ways to do something, and it's helpful and interesting to see them all.

WonkoDsane (author)Mr.Devious2007-01-19

I am sure the administrators of this site appreciate your concern for the available space on their servers. If they run low and need more space I would gladly remove any and all information that I have posted. I agree it has been done before and it is not as important as say.... gluing weights in a mouse to make it feel heavier.

Mr.Devious (author)WonkoDsane2007-01-19

I wanted to contribute to the community and as I've told people before, when my digital camera fixes itself, I'll post usefull things, but untill then doing so with a webcam would just be a waste pretty much now wouldn't it?

Vertigo666 (author)2007-01-19

hey you did a pretty good job can that also fit a ipod mini?

skwurul (author)Vertigo6662007-05-15

If you know how to tweak a design and experiment around (like I did) yes, you can use this Instructable as a BASE FORMAT for building a Mini dock.

All that I really took from this guide was the idea on how to hold the cable in place. Hell, I was too lazy to get the white case thing and just improvised with a knife sander (flat on the front/back and thin on the sides, like a knife) and sanded parts of two 6-dot pieces so my Mini wouldn't wobble around.

Anyways, to answer to your original question: no. :p

cellodude (author)2007-03-26

THIS IS SWEEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Nopie (author)2007-02-06

Hi guys i'm new to this site and i'm checking out cool things. How do you get a pic. next to your name. I know this is off topic but i want to know plz tell me how :)

Vertigo666 (author)Nopie2007-02-12

go to view persona, there is somethings at the bottom. one should be browse, click on it, take a nice pic, upload, and click that picture. it's complicated (for me anyway) mine took forever to upload

Tetranitrate (author)2007-01-21
Shifman (author)2007-01-19

Nice instructable

Tool Using Animal (author)2007-01-19

First instructable or not, well done.

trinit (author)2007-01-19

Don't judge; I'd never seen it before!

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