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Upon Request, I have made a instructable for the Lego iTouch case i made and posted here. This is for iTouch 4G only. IDK if it will fit an Iphone 4 or 4S. It is a very simple and easy to make case that is bound to impress anyone who sees it. 

Step 1: Materials

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You will need:
Super glue
Duct tape
invisible tape

See pics for sizes of legos. 
Use whatever Colors you like.

Step 2: Body

Picture of Body

The first thing you need to do is the gut the bricks on the bottom outside. 
See pics for the most effective way to gut teh peices. After you have gutted them, DO NOT SUPER GLUE THEM ON YET.

Step 3: Filing Down.

Picture of Filing Down.

After you have gutted the body pieces. You may be thinking that the itouch is just going to fit in there perfectly. Well unfortunately, it wont. The itouch is just that much bigger in height that teh inside of case. So what we have to do is take off teh top and bottom peices from teh case, and file down their width. The easiest way to do this is use the orange bit for teh dremel. And then just file it down. To know when you have filed enough, just keep putting teh piece back in, and puttin ur itouch in it. the teh itouch pops back up or the peice bend out, then file more. Be careful not to file down to much because that will weaken the piece and make it easier to break.

Step 4: Clip-on Clips

Picture of Clip-on Clips

These are clip on clips. YOU DO THIS OR TEH HINGED ONES. You just snap them on to teh sides of teh case to hold teh itouch in. 

Step 5: Hinged Clip

Picture of Hinged Clip

These are hinged Clips. DO THIS OR THE CLIP ONS.  

Step 6: Finishin Teh Clips.

Picture of Finishin Teh Clips.

THis is the part where we cut teh triangles that will keep teh itouch in the case securely.

Step 7: Apple Sign

Picture of Apple Sign

This teh part that bring teh entire thing together. You will need to get a print of teh apple logo on a piece of paper. Found that if you take the apple sticker that comes with you itouch, and traced it on sheet of paper, It makes teh perfect size for the case. 

Step 8: Holes (camera, Headphones, Usb, Speaker)

Picture of Holes (camera, Headphones, Usb, Speaker)

This is part where when i made my first case, i failed epically. Luckily, i have gotten better. See the pics for relative hole placement for the camera, headphones, usb, and speaker. Power and volume buttons are teh next step.

Step 9: Power Button

Picture of Power Button

remember the piece i told you to save from when you gutted the top peice of teh case? well now we use it.

Step 10: Volume Button

Picture of Volume Button

Duct tape will be used for this, so dont put it up yet.

Step 11: Super Gluing Time

Picture of Super Gluing Time

Ok. Take this time to take the pieces one at a time and superglue them back in. just put a little squirt in the area where they go and push em back in. Also super glue on teh hinged clips if that was your preferred type of clip.


Picture of MORE DUCT TAPE!

I chose to do this because any little sharp point from the pieces we cut can scratch the itouch. So teh ductape provides a smooth surface for it.

Step 13: Putting the Permanent Clips On

Picture of Putting the Permanent Clips On

Remember how we cut and semigutted 2 triangles. Well those go on the top part of teh case.

Step 14: Well Congrats!

Picture of Well Congrats!

Your Lego itouch case is complete. If you wish, you may add in a piece of felt and piece of paper to provide some cushioning. 

When you go around and show this to people, and they asked where you got it from, and you say you made it, you better also give me credit.  Also, if you make to sell, i want some of the money you have made, like 50%, OR I WILL SUE YOU! 
JK. But if you sell them i want the money.

I apologize for teh millions of spelling and gramatical errors

Please comment and rate.


Bayness (author)2012-03-15

Hi Amee-I MEAN "Chimex14"....what a strange username :P. Anyhoo, the case looks really awesome! I would make one but 1. I don't have an iPod, 2. I is lazy, 3. I have no spare time :( and 4. (most importantly)..I have the eye-hand coordination skills of a five year old and would prolly end up cutting my fingers off :P BUT I really enjoyed looking at the pics and reading your funny, yet grammatically incorrect explanations. Great job!

Bayness (author)Bayness2012-03-15

P.S. I like your profile pic, what an adorable kitten ^_^

Troy_1 (author)2012-01-29

Wow, I've never seen that before. Even though it adds a lot of thickness to the iPod, it looks very cool.

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