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So this is a iTouch case I made for a 4th gen iTouch. The Idea of making it an instructable and uploading it here and taking pics came after i had already gotten pretty far into it. So now I just have the end product with a bunch of pics. I would put an iTouch in there to take teh pic, but i do not have one yet. When it comes i will post another pic of it inside the case. If you want a step by step walkthrough type of thing so that you can do it, just let me know. If you plan to do what i did and just wing it all teh way, know that you will need: Legos (bricks, the flat ones, and the huge flat ones), Dremel, an iTouch so that you can make sure you got the hole in the right places, and a lot of time.
But if you are lazy to make one yourself, just look at teh pics and imagine you had one :).

i have made an instructable for this now. Here is the link.


Zanderskywalker (author)2012-01-19

How Do You Make It? Could You Show Us a Walk-Through?

Chimex14 (author)Zanderskywalker2012-01-21

Scratch what i siad before about the drawn pics and stuff. I will be making a whole new case and posting an instructable some time b4 monday. I will have a link for you by monday.

Zanderskywalker (author)Chimex142012-01-22

Thanks! That Would Be Great Chimex!

Chimex14 (author)Zanderskywalker2012-01-23

Okay man here is teh link. Just finished it. Might not be up yet though...... 

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