Make your own cool iPod touch dock in just 12 easy steps! Unlike most iPod docks I've seen, this one does not use the little white piece that comes with it.

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Step 1: The Base.

Step 2: Balance Foot.

This is the part that helps balance the dock so you can place it on rugs or carpets. It slides out as well.

Step 3: Final Steps.

The last 6 steps.

Step 4: Placing Your Ipod.

Picture one: Take your ear buds and pull the part that connects to your ipod through the hole in the dock.

Picture two: attach your ipod to the earbuds and enjoy!

Picture three & four: If you want to place on your carpet then slide this little "balance foot" out so it doesn't fall.
coooooool but to make it ultamate you should make it so charging cords fit
Nice project! <br>I just have 2 doubts both on step 3:<br>On picture 2 what is inside the yellow square??<br>On picture 6 what is the stuff u put on the dock vertically?<br>I would be thankful if u replied :)
it really isn't a &quot;Dock&quot; per-say. A Dock is more for charging/syncing/playing music aloud. i cannot see me having any use for this particular thing.<br /> <br /> also, get yourself a decent pair of headphones, man. the iPod headphones are complete junk. i would recommend the <a href="http://www.skullcandy.com/shop/ink-d-black-red.html" rel="nofollow">SkullCandy Ink'D</a><br />
ipod head fones arent junk dude just because you hate them thats your opinon not gun funs or mine aperently get a life
&nbsp;This isn't supposed to really be a dock-- it's more of a stand. Either way, I think it's useful, interesting, and you can mod it by adding a speaker and a charger. <br /> <br /> Regular iPod headphones are small and handy... a good combination.&nbsp;
cool! :)
what is the bit with the yellow square around, i can see it =(
nice .cool instructable! :)
Nice, =P I like it But, I dont have an IPod Lmao But i hope to get one soon =D<br/>
Im t baging ur coment cos i have one
Wow 1'st comment! XD

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