I bought yesterday a popcorn box and it cost me a packet! I was gutted but hopefully, the popcorn was good !

So I decided to recycle this huge empty popcorn box to a lego like head with few paint and old black tights.

Nothing more :)

Let's see steps ->
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Step 1: The original popcorn box

I paid 10$ for that so I decided to recycle it :)

First I cut holes for eyes and the mouth !

Then put a first coat of white and then a coat of yellow and it is nearly done :)

Step 2: Stick tights

Picture of Stick tights
Put glue on the inside of the box and apply the cut tigths fitted to holes.

Step 3: Lego like head done !

Picture of Lego like head done !
Tou can use a scarf to hide the bottom of your head :)

It is fun, cheap and easy !