This is an tutorial on how to make a lego lock. hope it works for you

Step 1: Parts

1. 2x  6x10 thin base plates
2. 3x  2x4 thick bricks
3. 2x 2x3 thick bricks
4. 4x 1x1 thick bricks
5. 3x  1x1 with holes 
6. 2x 1x4
7.2x  2x2
8.2x  2x1
9. 1x6
10. 2x 2x6 thick
11. 1x1 and 1x4  thin and flat

Step 3: Finishing Up

Now just put the second base plate on and take a lego technic rod as a key and you are done
No kidding. Cool but u really need to redo the tutorial.
Cool project, I like it but<br/>Can you make the tutorial clear? For example take a photo clear and add explanation on every steps<br/>(About what did you place over here over there)

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