Introduction: Lego Mini Missile Launcher

Picture of Lego Mini Missile Launcher

hi, in this tutorial ill show you how to make an ultra super cool mini missile launcher, that shoots lego parts as missile to height of 2-3 meters. its very fun and easy to use and build.

Step 1: Making the Tunnel

Picture of Making the Tunnel

do like i do on the pics, but twice.

then take the 2 parts and combine them into line like the picture.

Step 2: Making the Stand.

Picture of Making the Stand.

do what the pics say but 2 of them.

Step 3: Making the Other Parts

Picture of Making the Other Parts

do what the pics say but from the black parts do twice.

Step 4: Assmbly

Picture of Assmbly

assemble the parts like at the pics.

Step 5: Viedo

now you can see the video of it in action


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