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Introduction: Lego Mini Skeeball Machine

One of my favorite arcade games is the skeeball machine, I have always wanted to try one and I have always wanted to own one.

I had access to a limited supply of Lego recently and decided to make a skeeball machine.

It can be pulled apart into three sections and each different section is accounted for in one or more steps.

I have included instructions on how to make it but if you can't follow these then I have also added a LDD plan of the model that you can download and view when you want.

Step 1: Section #1

Section one is the easiest part, you are going to need a 10x20 base-plate that not many people have (in the whole model you will need 3)

In the LDD plan I have used 90 2x10 plates to replicate the three base-plates.

The photos should be self-explanatory for this particular step so I will write no more.

Step 2: Section #2 Part A

This "section" has a "part A" and "part B" "part A" is the top, that is what you will be working on now.

Part A is quite simple, all you need are some rails to keep the marble on-track.

"Part B" is a little more complicated.

Step 3: Section #2 Part B

The underside of "Part B" has the first stand to keep the skeeball machine on a tilt.

For the stand you will need: eleven 2x4's and two 2x2's, the color is your choice.

You should be able to see how to assemble and attach them to "Part B".

Please note the yellow and orange bricks in the photo, these are vital for connecting section #1 and section #2.

Step 4: Section #3 Part A

Section #3 is by far the hardest, it is still easy but it is the hardest part of the three.

First we will focus on the whole thing and then in "part B" we will focus on the stand.

There is not much to explain here but the only thing I will mention here is that this is designed for marbles and you can change the "bays" around and add different scores to each bay.

Step 5: Section #3 Part B

The stand is the easiest piece of this part, it is made of eight 2x4's, they are all stacked up on top of each other but you can make it fancier if you wanted to.

Move on to "part C" for the sides that keep the marble on track to a high point bay!

Step 6: Section #3 Part C

This part is tedious because I had a lot of 1x2's to use and not many larger pieces, These are the sides that in a normal skeeball would be a net.

If this gets too complicated I have included LDD plans for the whole skeeball machine that you can follow.

You can change the color to suit and if you have lots of 1x1's you can put letters in it.

Step 7: Section #3 Part D

This part is the smallest, I have added this as a layout of my "bays" this is what I designed and if you want you can change them around a bit.

Step 8: Section #3 Part E

This is the backboard where the marble will bounce if you flick it too hard.

It is pretty simple and uses all 2x4's.

You can change colors and add decorations to this if you want.

I highly recommend that you take note of how it is attached to the main piece because it can be a little tricky.

If you can't understand any of the instructions yet, here is the LDD file for the whole skeeball machine you can download and view.



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    An idea would be made a screen and make holes into it, because a flat one doesn't work well, make a Lego board with an incline with the holes in it

    4 replies

    I would modify it but I don't have that lego anymore, I was at a friends place and we are now out of their area with no intentions of returning soon :(

    No problem, what I do is go to my nearest Lego store in a mall and there they a wall of bricks that you can get and buy, they have almost all pieces you need to make it.

    Over here we don't have many (if any) stores like that :(

    I have a little bit of newer lego and I am working on a few models right now :)

    If u have a computer, u can go to the Lego website and go to there store, they added this new thing where you can get a specific piece your looking for, add it to cart, and have it shipped to you, trust me it's worth it

    Skeeball, I love it, please post more lego stuff, I am always looking for more projects with lego!

    1 reply

    I am currently working on a modular L.D.S. (Lego Defense System).

    It should be posted before the end of next month, I will try to get instructions soon.

    It's not the best one but it's still cool, I'm really good at making arcade games, I've made skeeball, pinball, and making basketball, you should really check me out

    1 reply

    It isn't the best skeeball machine around but it was the best I could do with the very limited supply of parts I ad to work with!

    Easily one of the most fun physical arcade games. I bet one of the LEGO soccer balls would work too if you didn't have a marble.

    1 reply

    I reckon a mini Lego soccerball would definitely work, unfortunately, I do not have either of these!