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have you ever gotten one of those crazy ideas to do something well i did and built a lego mouse trap for the "Toy building contest" hope you enjoy. oh and by the way no real animals were hurt during these pictures. Oh and if I get enough love I'll make a tutorial .


YankeesFisherman123 (author)2014-03-23

Any other way to make this with more common Legos or even knex??

YankeesFisherman123 (author)2014-02-06

You're getting love make a tutorial !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MIK3 H (author)2013-08-01

Cool* lol

MIK3 H (author)2013-08-01


Zachary4801 (author)2013-07-29

This is so cool! I have never seen a Lego mouse trap before! I would love to see how to make this!

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