Hi I made this at school at lego club .  It has working steering and a remote to move and guide the car along.  I hope you like it ,  please comment on my nxt project and , don't forget to check out my other instructibles. ¬_¬ .  IF ANYONE HAS A 3DS OR 3DS XL , I'M HAPPY TO SWAP FRIEND CODES. PLEASE FOLLOW ME .
1) Isn't remote control supposed to be remotely controlling something and not standing right next to it the whole time? I'm pretty sure I saw a cord. 2)"don't forget to check out my other projects" "if anyone has a 3ds... I'm happy to swap friend codes" Is this an instructable or advertisement booth? Don't waiste my time, and make an instructable.

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Bio: My 3ds friend code is 0860-3914-2160 My 3ds xl friend code is 2294-3900-2732. If anyone has xbox live and playes gta 4, can we play ... More »
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