I made this polymer custom clay figure as a gift in the first Instructables Gift Exchange. As the person portrayed uses Lego as educational means in a professional capacity, I added to the following things:
- A gear like chest emblem.
- Some Lego-compatibility (meaning Lego studs will fit).
- A kit for making steam boats, as used in my own workshops for children.

I used a simple copper wire bendable armature. This is a very simple way to make a figure with some degree of posability. It is not suitable for playing, but it is for displaying and changing the pose once in a while.

Step 1: Materials

Polymer clay of your choice (I used Sculpey III this time)

Copper wire (I used 7 strands from a 16 mm2 mains installation cable, they are about 1 mm diameter each)

Brass bushings (I used bushings with a 5 mm outside diameter, 4 mm diameter inside)

Some Lego parts

The steam boat materials as described in:
I work with polymer clay and have a large collection of Legos. Im going to have to try something like this.<br>Very Cool
I received this in the mail today, and it is very cool. Thank you so much! It is very much appreciated! I will post pictures of the figure in the boat. -r
Wow! This is awesome. Say, that guy looks like me.
Cool, makes me want to buy some lego!

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