Experimenting with a Lego compatible polymer clay figure

Picture of Experimenting with a Lego compatible polymer clay figure
I made this polymer custom clay figure as a gift in the first Instructables Gift Exchange. As the person portrayed uses Lego as educational means in a professional capacity, I added to the following things:
- A gear like chest emblem.
- Some Lego-compatibility (meaning Lego studs will fit).
- A kit for making steam boats, as used in my own workshops for children.

I used a simple copper wire bendable armature. This is a very simple way to make a figure with some degree of posability. It is not suitable for playing, but it is for displaying and changing the pose once in a while.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Polymer clay of your choice (I used Sculpey III this time)

Copper wire (I used 7 strands from a 16 mm2 mains installation cable, they are about 1 mm diameter each)

Brass bushings (I used bushings with a 5 mm outside diameter, 4 mm diameter inside)

Some Lego parts

The steam boat materials as described in:

Step 2: The bendable armature

Picture of The bendable armature
I started out making the wire armature as shown. Were the polymer clay parts would come put a fitting length of brass bushings. This way, when bending the limbs, the forces ar not concentrated on the polymer clay part edges which could not withstand them.

The seven strands allow to make five fingers and leave two strands to be bent to make the palm of each hand.
GpaSteve4 years ago
I work with polymer clay and have a large collection of Legos. Im going to have to try something like this.
Very Cool
I received this in the mail today, and it is very cool. Thank you so much! It is very much appreciated! I will post pictures of the figure in the boat. -r
Wow! This is awesome. Say, that guy looks like me.
Cool, makes me want to buy some lego!