If you want more than just Chell (the main character), a Portal Gun, and portals, then here is your help! I have come up with a turret, Chell, a companion cube and two portals, not to mention a test chamber, so let's get started!

one of the things you'll need is a hot glue gun. You won't be able to make most of the things if you aren't willing to glue your legos to the objects.

Step 1: Making Chell

The requirements are:

Orange shirt

Orange pants

1 brown (or otherwise) girl hair

smiling head (or otherwise)

3 gray studs (people call them dots for some reason) and 1 translucent stud (blue or orange would be good)

One circular 1x1

3 antennae (you can get them from lever pieces with the gray bottoms)

and 2 1x1 Orange translucent (or regular) tiles.
well here we are again, it's always such a pleasure.
remember when you tried to kill me twice<br><br>(nice touch to the song list)<br>
oh how we laughed and laughed!<br>except i wasn't laughing...
under the circumstances<br><br>I've been shockingly nice
you want your freedom? take it!<br>(that's what i'm counting on!)
I used to want you dead<br><br>BUT<br><br>Now I only want you gone....
she was a lot like you!<br>(maybe not quite as heavy)<br>now little caroline is in here too.
one day they woke me up, so I could live FOREVER.<br><br>It's such a shame the same WILL NEVER HAPPEN TO YOU...
you've got your short, sad life left.<br>that's what i'm counting on.
I'll let you get right to it<br>Now I only want you gone....
goodbye my only friend.<br>oh,<br>did you think i meant you?
that would be funny, if it werent so sad <br>(correct me if im wrong...)
well you have been replaced, i dont need anyone now.
When I delete you maybe I'll stop feeling so bad...
go make some new disaster!
That's what i'm counting on!!!
You're someone else's problem <br>Now I only want you gone <br>Now I only want you gone <br>Now I only want you... <br>gone
I though of the fact that we need a song in here<br>(starts humming still alive)<br><br>This was a triumph<br> I'm making a note here:<br>HUGE SUCCESS
it's hard to overstate my satisfaction!
Aperture Science:<br>We do what me must because we can!
for the good of all of us except the ones who are dead.
But there's no sense crying over every mistake<br><br>You just keep on trying till' you run out of cake!
and the science gets done and you make a neat gun for the people who are still alive!
I'm not even angry...<br><br>I'm being SO sincere right now...
even though you broke my heart and killed me!<br>and tore me to peices...
as they burned, it hurt because i was so happy for you!
Now these &gt; 1475495473957389575<br>points of data make a beautiful line<br><br>And we're out of beta....we're releasing on time!
so i'm GLaD i got burned, think of all the things we learned!
♪ for the people who are, still alive! ♪
go 'head and leave me. i think i'd prefer to stay inside.
Maybe you'll find someone else to help you...
maybe black mesa.<br>that was a joke. HAHA. fat chance.
maybe you'll find someone else to help you.<br><br>ressurection ftw!
Anyway this cake is great,<br>Its so delicious and moist.
no of you photos seem to be in focus
Ol&aacute;,<br>Quando fotografar de perto use a op&ccedil;&atilde;o &quot;macro&quot; de sua maquina, vai melhorar os resultados :]<br>flw
bem, eu realmente n&atilde;o precisa, porque as pessoas podem ver o que &eacute;, eu posso, e al&eacute;m disso, mesmo que eu fiz, eu seria apenas perda de tempo.
yeah, sorry about that (by the way, good recognizing of the Hero!) I got him before this was built. I was kinda just wondering about it and got the thing. I'm wondering, did you build this thing at all, or is the turret you built from that new instructable for a better one? just asking.
i see breez 2.0 in background <br>

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