Picture of Lego portal kit (for your portal stop animation)

If you want more than just Chell (the main character), a Portal Gun, and portals, then here is your help! I have come up with a turret, Chell, a companion cube and two portals, not to mention a test chamber, so let's get started!

one of the things you'll need is a hot glue gun. You won't be able to make most of the things if you aren't willing to glue your legos to the objects.
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Step 1: Making Chell

Picture of Making Chell
The requirements are:

Orange shirt

Orange pants

1 brown (or otherwise) girl hair

smiling head (or otherwise)

3 gray studs (people call them dots for some reason) and 1 translucent stud (blue or orange would be good)

One circular 1x1

3 antennae (you can get them from lever pieces with the gray bottoms)

and 2 1x1 Orange translucent (or regular) tiles.

Step 2: Making a turret

Picture of Making a turret
For a turret you will need:

One red stud (preferably translucent)

6 1x1s with a stud on one side and a hole on the other

one vent piece

one white 2x1 brick

four 2 stud high slants

3 minifigure legs

2 2x1 tiles

2 2x3 tiles

(if you want to make it look like it's shooting) 2 more 1x1 tiles, and 2 minifigure binoculars (these are rare)

2 2x2 plates (white)
To make it look like it's shooting, you take the binoculars and put them on the front of the 2x1s, and take the 1x1s and put them behind. Put the 3x2s on and there you go!

(i now notice that the eye and vent are backwards. Switch 'em around)

Step 3: The Companion Cube

Picture of The Companion Cube
GLaDOS says that the companion cube must be euthanized before you can move to the next step, but I say otherwise.

1 2x2 brick

2 2x2 plates

6 studs

Step 4: Portals

Picture of Portals
easiest step.

2 2x6 plates (blue and orange)

4 1x4 plates (blue and orange)

2 6x10 plates
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atomiclegocreations (author) 4 years ago
I though of the fact that we need a song in here
(starts humming still alive)

This was a triumph
I'm making a note here:
it's hard to overstate my satisfaction!
Aperture Science:
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Anyway this cake is great,
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no of you photos seem to be in focus
nilopo4 years ago
Quando fotografar de perto use a opção "macro" de sua maquina, vai melhorar os resultados :]
atomiclegocreations (author)  nilopo4 years ago
bem, eu realmente não precisa, porque as pessoas podem ver o que é, eu posso, e além disso, mesmo que eu fiz, eu seria apenas perda de tempo.
atomiclegocreations (author) 4 years ago
yeah, sorry about that (by the way, good recognizing of the Hero!) I got him before this was built. I was kinda just wondering about it and got the thing. I'm wondering, did you build this thing at all, or is the turret you built from that new instructable for a better one? just asking.
Portalman4 years ago
i see breez 2.0 in background