Step 6: Build Up

fix the motors in place using 4 1*8 bricks (image 1)

lock in the 1x1 bricks using 1x4s (image 1)
(NOTE: i did not have enough 1x4s to complete this step so i used 2, 1x2 bricks on one corner)

add wires to motors and buttons, facing backwards (image 2)

finish the body using the 2, 1x12 and the 2, 1x16 bricks (be careful not to lock the wires into place) (image 3)

finally lock down the motors using the 2, 1x10 bricks as shown (image 3)
do we need just a light sensor? Or microcontrollers and stuff because lots of robots use that and its kinda expensive so i dont buy it<br>
whats the button for , it seems to me like when the robot hits something the bumper depresses the button switch witch then tells the r.c.x to ....stop,revers,turn,?
all of the above and none of the above.... when the button is depressed it sends a signal to the rcx, the rcx can be programmed to do anything u want it to when it gets this signal. the must usual thing to do is have the rcx read this signal, stop, put motors in reverse then turn left or right given personal preference to avoid what ever is in its way.... how ever you can program it do do other things... that is the beauty of this robot is a (reasonably) solid little robot that can be programmed in many different ways
thanks man.
How are you programming the old RCX brick? I've got one, but the software doesn't support any OS more current than windows 98. I'd love to introduce my son to RCX programming, but I haven't found a software platform that will program them anymore.
can you get the program installed on your computer and then it doesn't run or will it just not install? <br>to fix the first case for windows xp and up, find the .exe file and right click go to properties, then find the compatibility tab, select run this program in compatibility mode and select something earlier then 98 from the drop down, (side note if your using vista or above it might be a good idea to run the .exe as an admin as well)<br><br>to fixing the second case is harder, and not something i have run into much before, how ever try &quot;exploring&quot; the CD it installs from finding the .exe and using the above steps.<br>i hope this helps, the RCX is a brilliant way to get into programming, enjoy
try this place: http://bricxcc.sourceforge.net/

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