Things needed:

Lego shark

Laser-pointer from a pen or cat toy, small

Super glue

Step 1: Instructions

One laser from cheap cat toy

One Lego Shark


Glue laser to head of shark

Cut hole in belly to fit two button-batteries

Attach the wires, left from ripping it out of some other toy or pen, to the batteries.

Start killing bad Lego guys

Let me guess the idea is from austin powers plz send back to me go to out side and clock on survival and the recent button and reply to me on my bob bug out bag
Cool, but some people might find the name offensive.(like me.)
<p>Name comes from popular moooovie with Mike Myers..see post below from 'tomatoskins'....</p>
......Lasers, Sharks,...Laser Sharks,.......Overbearing Assistants.
<p>This is amazing! Much better than sea bass to be sure. Thanks for sharing!</p>
<p>Pretty Cool!</p>
thats easy!

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