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I was board over the weekend and decided to make this.

This is my first instructables so be merciful.


lego dude 305 (author)2011-06-25

cool can you teach us how to build it or is it a fake. Email me the answer back and if it does shoot, email me the blueprints and ill help you get noticed deal or no deal. Email me soon.

zeldafan (author)lego dude 3052011-10-19

cant figure out how to make it work do u if so can u send me the mecanisums

zeldafan (author)lego dude 3052011-09-25

also made an ak -47 check it out

zeldafan (author)lego dude 3052011-08-04

ITs real but it dosen't shoot unfortunatly still trying to figure that out

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