Some new gear and weapons

Step 1: Minifig

Same fig as the one in first version.

Step 2: Night Vision!

Adds a awesome look. Made from a pair of goggle that just has random pieces glued onto it.

Step 3: Vest and Knife

Vest is simple to make, knife was bougt off brickarms for less than 50 cents. I also used a small rubber band.

Step 4: Mp5k

To make the first weapon your going to need wire cutters. The rifle was just a clone trooper rifle that has been cut down. the small clip with the red dot in it is optional, just acts as a red dot sight. But in case you want it, its also on brickarms.

Step 5: SMAW

Here comes the explosions! Only custom pieces are the two cut down rods. The rest of the pieces are easy to find. Once again, brickarms clip.

Step 6: Done

Thats about it, feel free to ask questions!
<p>cool. love costom minifigs </p>
<p>Gotta love the mp5.</p>

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Bio: many builds very lego much fun wow
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