Lego Star Wars Destroyer New Model.





Introduction: Lego Star Wars Destroyer New Model.

 It took approximately 11 hours to build and a lot of concentration to manage to build it. The destroyer took about 5 attempts to make and it was built at my mums house (I live with my grandparents).The lego was given to me as a gift which I  had wanted for my birthday. There were many hard chalenges I had to overcome, The hardest being sitting down and concentrating. One of the questions I had when I was building it was how do the designers make the blueprints and the model for such a complex design.Please vote and  follow me. If you have a 3DS or 3DS XL I'm happy to trade friend codes with you.



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awesome.once i built the lego tower bridge and that also takes a lot of concentration.

Thanks. Did you finish the tower bridge ?

My son is a Star Wars fan and really wanted me to vote for yours. Great work!

Thanks man!!! votes is a very kind thing to do . Thanks 2 ur brother

Awesome work. I never made it through a kit because I'd get distracted halfway through, then build something else.

i absolutely love this. the imperial star destroyer is my favorite star wars ship. kudos to you

Is this Lego's ?????????

cool. i have a midi scale star destroyer and that took 2-3 hours.

I took 4 hours, 12 hours I spend to the Death Star...