Picture of Lego tape dispenser
Here is the lego tape dispenser I made. You can make it to from coolblades instructable Lego working tape dispenser.
What is the point of the dispenser if you just end up cutting it with scissors ???
amakerguy (author)  Bob_cheesington6 years ago
well I was thinking that you could get those disposable plastic tape dispensers and cut the blade off and glue it to a lego.
thats a good idea, thanks
or you could use a blade from an old razor
purduecer6 years ago
You're gonna want to go ahead and spell dispencer as dispenser. Good otherwise :-)
amakerguy (author)  purduecer6 years ago
There how is that?
much better *thumbs up*
berky936 years ago
doesnt it need a blade to cut the tape?
amakerguy (author)  berky936 years ago
The tape I use is very strong and needs a blade like the ones on regular tape dispencers and I can't get my hands on one to get the blade so I just cut it with scissors.