Lego Usb Drive





Introduction: Lego Usb Drive

Make your usb drive into a awesome lego drive. It's easy, simple, and will take short amount of time to make. Remember to get creative, there are plenty of other designs you can use to make your lego drive. Make yours so you love it.

For mine I decided to make it multi colored, and i made it so it can go on a key chain.

Step 1: Parts and Tools

1. Lego's of course

2. A hot glue gun

3. usb drive

Step 2: Disassemble the Usb Drive

This is different for all usb drives, all you gotta do is remove its case. Mine was made out of two pieces of  plastic so it was easy to open. Other usb drives my not be as easy to open, so you might need to cut it open with a knife.

Step 3: Building the Lego Case

Be creative, make it unique. After building the case and making sure it all works, then use your hot glue gun to secure the Lego's and usb together.

Step 4: Your Finished

Now you've got a sweet Lego usb drive. Cherish it.



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    That's pretty cool, finally i found a lego usb mod that doesn't require any tools because im only 12