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Introduction: Lego Wizard's House

Hello everybody. I decided, for my 40th post, to do something different than usual:
I recently digged out my Lego, and created this small house. I made it in a way so thay you can easily open it, and play inside. It has 4 rooms, a bit of winter decoration, and made so that it looks like it's made out of rock.

The house features four different rooms,can be opened easily, and took me a few hours to build. I did not really have experience with building houses out of Lego, that's why it took a bit long.

This is a bit different than stuff I usually post, but I hope you like it as much as I do.
Tell me what you think, and if you want instructions, just ask me.



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    Can u make an instructable please I think it's really cool

    ok. this might sound a little weird, but i just noticed that you made an awesome fireplace!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks =D Only the 'pipes' on the top of it need to be longer IMO

    hey, you know what would be awesome, if you made a bunch of houses like this for different characters. like you could make one for a dwarf, or an elf, or a goblin. that would be awesome.

    That'd indeed be cool! Maybe if I find some free time, I could try. (I have a Dobby somewhere, so a elf/goblin house could be made. But then I need to find some good parts for the house)

    nice! i was planning to biuld something like this , but it was based on lord of the rings, and it was going to be bigger. then i realized my camera is still broken! i still haven't gotten around to fixing it, and its been like 5 months. anyways, its great!

    Thanks =D
    Your idea sounds great! Too bad your camera is broken :(