Lego P90




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Introduction: Lego P90

This is made out of lego

+ points:

It looks good, not multi colored
It's goods life sized
Easy reloading
Real trigger
Not heavy

- points:

Single Shot
Not much power



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    good but too easy. just make a small mech and build a p90 body around it.

    pretty cool it would be better with tutorial

    cool gun, p90 supposed to be an assault rifle but its a sub machine gun because of its compact figure. really good replica!!!! make tutorial

    dude this gun is amazing you have to make instructable!!! X D

    wow man thats truly insane. Any chance of a tutorial???

    thats amazing 6 stars if i could

    it would have better ratings if you show how to make it

    I've been lookin' for ages for a tutroial on any gun in lego, but i just can't find one! Please either refer me to a good guide or send me instructions!

    Your P90 rocks!

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    good i litte bite mod but great ^^

    can you make a tutorial on how to make it? it looks SWEET!

    .................................................................... i'm kind of speachless

    Perfect. Absolutely. Range? Power? 5*, plus a fave, an un-fave, and another fave.

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    it has a good range for the less power it got, but thats because the barrel has to stay realistic, i pimped it up once with a bigger barrel and iit was very accurate and powerfull, only the range was bad because i had to use other rubberbands, but it was a nice gun (i broke it yeh) so, what gun is next?

    Try a Charter Arms Pathfinder .22.

    Comment when you rate plz