Picture of Lemmings costume!
This is a super-quick, no-sew, weirdly flattering costume based on the old Psygnosis game Lemmings. Nobody may recognize it, but you'll know! :)

The costume was put together in about an hour before an event (starting with the materials), so I hope you'll forgive the hasty photos.

Step 1: Materials

You'll need:
• A couple of yards of a 5-foot-wide bolt of deep blue fabric. I got way too much; three yards will more than suffice.
• A lime-green boa
• Five safety pins
• Assorted bobby pins
• Underclothes (boots and leggings are a good choice, as it gets chilly and you may want to bike around or dance!)
demon66664 months ago


That brings back memories... Thanks for sharing! I think you both captured your respective Lemming with great style.