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Introduction: Easy Refreshing Summer Snack

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When I hear the word cucumber, I think of summer.Thats why I think this is the perfect refreshing snack for summertime activities. And it is so easy you can get your kids to help you make it.

3 simple ingredients:
cucumbers (as many as you want)
lemons or lemon juice from a bottle
salt/pepper or chile powder (optional)

Step 1:

Simply slice up the cucumbers.If you want you can peel the skin off first. Then place your sliced cucumbers in the jar/container with the lemon juice in it.It is ideal to have enough lemon juice to cover all of your cucumbers. Then season to taste. Usually my kids want it to soak overnight,but I like to eat them as soon as  a half an hour in the fridge.Its all about what you prefer, play with it and make it to your own liking. My grandma used to put vinegar in it.




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    Those sound eye-wateringly refreshing! My mom always made them with apple cider vinegar and a little honey! Pucker Power!!!

    this reminds me of one of my favorite summer drinks. I can't remember the specifics, but it was made with cucumber, lime and mint. Have you tried putting any mint in these?

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    No. But that sounds like a fun thing to try. :) thanks for the idea.

    We like to eat this next to our lunch(warm meal) in the carribbean.

    As a retired trainer I'ld say those must be, "just the ticket," after a hot, dusty day on the track! Thank you for posting.

    1 reply

    you are so welcome. thank you for your nice comment.

    what do they taste like? lemons and cucumbers separately - i don't like. but together, they DO sound refreshing and nice, and i think i would try them. is it a mixture of tastes? do they balance or compliment each other?

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    they pretty much taste like it sounds. if you dont like that flavor combo,then you may not like it but it is so inexpensive and easy to make that it is worth trying.