Picture of Lemon, Garlic, Mint Chicken Kabobs (no salt added)
My DH gave me a MINT plant.....I've never cooked with mint before, not sure why he thought I needed one.....but I've been searching out recipes using it, and this is a winner! I'll always grow mint!

I'm sorry the pictures are so dark....."someone" (I'm not naming names) has messed with my camera!

***NOTE: There is no added salt in this recipe.....I LOVE salt, and I even found there is SO much flavor I didn't need to add it.

Step 1: Recipe

Picture of Recipe
1.5 pounds of skinless, boneless chicken breasts trimmed of any fat, and cut into  2 inch cubes 
.5 C Mint
.5C Fresh Lemon Juice (the juice of about 2 large lemons)
5 Garlic Cloves
1 Tablespoon Olive Oil
2 Teaspoons Lemon Pepper (I used Mrs. Dash)

.5 C Chicken Broth (or use half dry white wine, and half chicken broth

elekras3 years ago
what is 5 c ? can you explain it?
MaryT8M (author)  elekras3 years ago
I believe what you're reading is .5 C (POINT 5 Cup, or 1/2 of a cup, or one half of a cup)
I'm sorry the POINT (or period) didn't show up better

so it would be:

one half cup of mint
one half cup lemon juice
one half cup chicken broth

I hope this helps....it's really a good recipe
elekras MaryT8M3 years ago
wow. thank you. that's really help me.
MaryT8M (author)  elekras3 years ago
any time......By the way I tried this with pork last week, and it was also very good. Next I'm trying it as a sauce on fish (I probably won't marinade it though)