Step 4: Lemony Fresh

You'll be dropping lemon juice into your hair from your forehead, and working backward. Drips might run down (gravity is like that) and this could mean into your face. A hand towel or washcloth is handy to clean up these drips. Lemon juice shouldn't bleach your skin, but it will probably take off your makeup, so wait to apply cosmetics. Also, the lemon juice will be COLD, since it should be stored in the fridge between uses.

If you have a regularly-used hair part, part it now. If you tend to wear your hair pulled back, brush it back now.

>>For Parted Hair, All-Over Lightening-- Drop lemon juice along right side of the part, comb out away from part. Repeat on left side of part.

>>For Parted Hair, Streaky Highlights-- Drop lemon juice in a zigzag across your part. Comb both sides away from part.

>>For Pulled Back Hair, All-Over Lightening-- Starting near the center of your forehead, drop lemon juice just inside your hairline, moving down toward your right ear. Repeat on the left side. Brush back from forehead.

>>For Pulled Back Hair, Streaky Highlights-- Starting near the center of your forehead, drop lemon juice in short lines away from your hairline. Move from center to ear, one side then the other. Brush back from forehead.
OMG in the fourth photo first I thought you suddenly went bald.... LOL :P
Can you explain what you mean by "streaky"? "Streaky" brinks to mind messy and skunky. Do you mean regular neat blond streaks? Also, can you get neat streaks doing this? Does the lemon juice not run over the wet hair haphazardly? Good tut, and will definitely experiment with this!
SiderAnne (author)  theblinddonkey5 years ago
I meant the fine lines of lightened hair that occurs naturally with sun exposure, as opposed to the uniform color one would get with box dye.
I wouldn't say blond streaks unless your hair is at least as light as mine in the tut.
This process is repetitive, and extremely subtle in coloring. Neat streaks might be possible if you were VERY meticulous and measured where you applied lemon juice every time.
Brushing the lemon juice through hair helps distribute it more evenly through the shaft.