Picture of Lemon Meringue Pie
You want to make a delicious lemon pie for your friends at dessert ? There you've found the solution !
You need time to manage this recipe but it is rather easy to make ...

Step 1: First part : the pastry

Picture of First part : the pastry
Second part : The Pastry

Ingredients :
4.40oz (125) of butter
- 8.80oz (250g) of flour
- 1.75oz (50g) of sugar
- 1egg
- 2 salt pinches

1. Cut the butter into the flour by mixing and rolling it out with your fingers, so that the dough is crumbly.
2. Add the salt, the sugar and the egg and mix them quickly with the dough.
3. You have to mix the dough with your hands, don't knead it. And be careful, this dough is very fragile. Roll it up into a ball and refrigerate it at least 2 or 3 hours.
aasif.faiz3 years ago
Wow looks incredibly yummy, wish u had more pics, after cutting it and all
That looks delicious!