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My mum loves anything lemon flavoured, so for her birthday I made an all out lemon fest. She had; lemon meringue pie, lemon biscuits, lemon mousse and this lemon ice cream. Most of the lemon ice cream recipes I found involved either really labour intensive mixtures which involved cooking a custard mix or they contained lots of unnecessary ingredients, which is why I came up with this. It only has 3 ingredients, takes all of 10 minutes to make and is tasty as bits. You don't even need a fancy ice cream maker. Very refreshing in the summer too.

Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients

To make this ice cream you need:

- 450ml Double cream
- 175g Icing sugar
- 3/4 Lemons


- A whisk of any sort, but electric is easiest :)
- Sieve
- Freezer proof box or bowl
- Zester (optional)
- A knife that will cut lemons

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eulaliaaaa!4 years ago
I just made some and it is great! Thank you for sharing this ingenious recipe!
spepe174 years ago

Awesome recipe!
I have a little problem. I just made this, but when I added the lemon and icing sugar mixture to the cream, it was transformed into large pieces !(stood together, became pustular).
What was I doing wrong ?

Sorry for my English!
Thanks for the answer in advance!
Hi...maybe you added it too quickly? Or your cream was over whipped? Have another go and just add the lemon mix REALLY slowly? Good luck! I'm hopoing to try this soon.

Thanks for your answer! That could be the problem but we really cared for the speed at which we mixed the two things together. Is it possible that the cream we were using was too "thick"? I mean it contained too much fat. It was really dense.

Sorry for my English BTW and thanks for your answer in advance again!
Your Englis is fine! Doing well :o)
Maybe you whipped your cream for too long? Not sure. I won't have time to make this soon. Good luck :o)
Thanks. :)

I will try this again soon, maybe the next weekend when I have both the time and the materials. Anyway, thanks again!
It's me yet again. [: I've decided to give another wack at this recipe, except I'll try it with some watermelon. I'll let you guys know how it turns out!
hlfwy.thr5 years ago
Hey, does anyone know the effect of reducing the sugar/using a sugar substitute such as Splenda?
Do you guys think that perhaps I could use milk and no cream? And then add butter to try and make it... Creamier? Lol, I dunno if that's a word but ah well.... Please answer soon? :)
Butter would taste weird. If you want to make a creamier ice-cream, try making gelato.
Looks good! I'd choose using a gelato recipe instead of ice cream. Maybe a little bit of lime?
 I did something similar because i thought i was being smart.
Don't use maple syrup.. it doesnt make good ice cream..

on another note, is double cream the same as heavy whipping cream?

KnexFreek5 years ago
 Very cool!!! i subscribed!
mastermaker5 years ago
Use your imaginations too people!
what other citruses can be used to make excellent icecream flavors?!?
Or anything else tasty and acidic!!!!!
my favorite of these is orange icecream...god that stuff is good...
agh i am so stupid. Well i was mixing it up but it wasn't forming peaks so i kept on mixing, kept on mixing, kept on mixing until.... yes. it turned in2 butter. now i have no idea wat i'm going 2 do because I honestly doubt that you can de-butter butter. :) but anyways I am freezing it and lets just hope for the best. :L otherwise, I'm sure it would've turned out great
katie3606 years ago
If you were to leave this unfrozen, it's what's called a Lemon Syllabub. Lemon Syllabub is a classic British dessert that typically also contains a bit of wine. Other than that, it's the same.
You MIGHT want to use a PLASTIC scoop instead of a METAL one when making any ice cream containing a CITRUS ingredient. You may wind up with a "metallic" aftertaste due to the acidic composition in the LEMON juice.(Remember the instructions on KOOL-AID packages) Otherwise, your recipe is Great!
Derin6 years ago
I substituted cream for the most similar item available to me-homemade yogurt.I really wonder what it will be,I'll see it tomorrow!
drishane6 years ago
Better still, use ORGANIC lemons! then you dont need to worry about the gunk they spray on the skin....
SG1Oniell6 years ago
so... theoretically you could do this with any citrus fruit yes?
ryoder6 years ago
Wow!!! This is the best lemon ice cream ever! I particularly like putting a few scoops between two graham crackers and making a sandwich.
PKM7 years ago
You.. squash the citrus fruit.. with your hand.. before you halve and juice it... O_O how did I never think of that while despairing at how little juice you can get out of an orange? I'm so glad I read this, if just for that tip. Also step 6 picture 1 looks gorgeous, absolutely food-porn worthy.
Babyshoes PKM6 years ago
Warming them up helps too! I sometimes put my lemons in hot water for a minute or two before juicing. The microwave is quicker but less reliable, pierce the skin first so they don't pop :)
uncoiled.tiger (author)  PKM7 years ago
what can I say, something of a juice ninja...
cornboy37 years ago
How would you make this vegan because you can't whip vegan milks to that consistancy.
i'm not sure if it would work on vegan creams, but you could try using carrageenan. justmake sure it dissolves completely because it tends to form rubbery lumps when frozen
freakinslop7 years ago
best evar yumyum
CJ Pain7 years ago
I made orange flavour and chocolate they were both delicious.
Bam957 years ago
can you do it with other flavors ? like banana or vanilla or chocolate ? Btw good work looks delicious i ll try this
oliviaaz7 years ago
sooooo gooooood. worth the 1600 calories and 150 grams of fat? good thing i didn't calculate that until AFTER i made and tasted it.
ichipoodle7 years ago
When life gives you lemons, you make....ICE CREAM!!!!! It's sooooo good!!!! i used my ice cream maker ball thing with rock salt/ ice in one chamber and this in the stainless steel secondary chamber, and it turned out great! Oddly, it has the texture of cool whip, but has the taste of.....umm....awesomeness!!! if there is a taste for that... ?_? Anyway, excellent recipe!!!!!
Looks great, just looking at it, I don't know where to get some ingredients.
dez04248 years ago
just wondering, do i need to remove it from the freezer and mix again, then put it back to freeze before serving?
uncoiled.tiger (author)  dez04248 years ago
You can, but you don't have to. It still ha a soft texture without churning. It depends on how cold you have your freezer set to, but you may need to take it out 5 minutes before serving. I don't though :)
dmlandrum8 years ago
I gave this one a try the other day, and I really liked it. For my part, I put a cup of sugar into my blender to make it into a very fine powdered sugar, without the corn starch and anti-caking agents that come in American powdered (confectioners') sugar. I still could feel the large ice crystals that from from not churning while freezing, but they didn't get in the way like they do many other forms of frozen desserts. Thank you for the recipe.
i love anything lemon too! fantastic photos, especially the finished product, yum.
When you are zesting your lemons on get the lemons do not get the white layer of the lemon only the yellow. The white part is very very very bitter! I have also tried 3/4 lemon zest and 1/4 lime/limon zest and the lime/limon give it a better tang.
krusty8 years ago
I made this last night :) super yummy! Very rich, I think it's going to last for a bit in my freezer !! I found that I needed to re-whip the cream/lemon/sugar mixture just before I sent it to the freezer.
dizzydave8 years ago
2 questions: is icing sugar the same as confectioner's/powdered sugar? Is double cream the same as heavy whipping cream? Thanks...
uncoiled.tiger (author)  dizzydave8 years ago
HI Dave, Confectioners / powdered sugar and icing sugar are one in the same. Having looked up cream on wikipedia, it would appear heavy whipping cream has a slightly lower fat content than double cream, but it does exactly the same jobs and work just as well. I know more about cream than when I woke up this morning. Brilliant. Hope you enjoy making it :)
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