Picture of Lemon Surprise Prank
I used to do this prank to my brothers all the time. The look on their face was priceless.

This works best with a styrofoam cup with a lid.

All you need is:

-One cup with lid that is in use
-Lemon packet

Step 1: Make It Fast

Picture of Make It Fast
(I wouldn't recommending doing this to anyone that wouldn't let you touch their drinking straw! )

Wait until your prankee leaves their drink unattended.

Tear a small hole in your lemon packet

Take off the lid and straw and slide the straw into the lemon packet  then replace it, submurging the packet into their beverage.

rrkrose3 years ago
I don't think I have ever seen lemon packers in California but good prank.
IRSisSIR3 years ago
where do you get lemon packets??? where do you live?
bagnitsch (author)  IRSisSIR3 years ago
Missouri USA. Every restaurant has them.
gingerkatt3 years ago
That's awesome! I'm going to do that to my sister next time I see her. She used to put salt in my drink.