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Lemon tarragon pasta with chicken and artichoke hearts is a creamy, summer pasta dish with no gluten, dairy or soy.

It relies on olive oil based mayonnaise and coconut oil for its creamy qualities. The tarragon, lemon, and artichokes add a fresh tang to the pasta dish. By using gluten-free rice noodles, the dish is adapted to an allergen-friendly diet.

*() are used to denote where allergen-friendly substitutions were made. 

Lemon Tarragon Pasta with Chicken and Artichoke Hearts
serves 4

3/4 c. white wine
2 cloves garlic, crushed and minced
2 T. coconut oil
1 sprig tarragon, minced
1/2 c. (olive-oil based) mayonnaise
1 can drained artchoke hearts, quartered
1 T. olive oil
8 chicken tenderloins, cubed
2 c. dry (gluten-free rice) fusilli

1. In a measuring cup, combine the white wine, crushed and minced garlic, coconut oil, and minced tarragon.

2. In a small saucepan, bring the white wine mixture to a boil and reduce to 1/4 cup.

3. Add the mayonnaise to a large bowl. Whisk in the tarragon sauce.

4. In a large skillet, brown the chicken cubes and artichoke hearts in the tablespoon of olive oil.

5. Add the browned meat and artichoke hearts to the sauce. Mix well.

6. In well salted water, cook the noodles until al dente, or just firm. Let rest in the water for one minute.

7. Drain the noodles, then toss with the chicken, artichokes, and sauce.

8. Serve the mixture while hot, in four bowls. 


Wingmaster700 (author)2014-06-26

fantastic recipe

kajjohnson (author)2013-09-02

Where is the lemon aspect in the ingridents?

nadialtbr (author)2013-08-22

I love this!

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