I love homemade marshmallows.  They're cheap, easy, and can be made just about any flavor (although I don't think I'd recommend garlic).

I forgot to plant the little lemon verbena plant I bought awhile ago and it died, so I bought three more and planted them immediately in our little herb garden.  The smell of the crushed leaves is lovely, and it's simple to make an infused sugar syrup to use for all kinds of desserts.

I made these marshmallows for a women's activity I attended recently, because I figured it was too hot for a heavy or rich dessert.

There are tons of marshmallow recipes out there.  I don't notice much difference in the resulting taste, even between the recipes with egg whites versus without.

Step 1: You Will Need


1 1/2 C white sugar
3 envelopes unflavored gelatin
1 1/2 C water
1 C clear corn syrup
a couple handfulls fresh lemon verbena leaves
cooking spray
powdered sugar
1 pinch salt, optional
1 teaspoon lemon extract or lemon zest, optional
1 teaspoon citric acid, optional (adds a bit of tartness if you want to play up the lemon flavor)
food coloring, optional


pot with a lid
candy thermometer
stand mixer with whisk attachment
pan for cooling marshmallow goo
mesh strainer

i bet this basic marshmallow recipe could take all sorts of additional ingredients, for example strawberries. <br> <br>If you substitute the right amount of strawberries for the water in the step where you made your flavored syrup, they will boil down and lose their water to the sugar and make strawberry syrup. <br> <br>The goal would be to keep simmering until the mixture was the same viscosity of your lemon verbena syrup. <br> <br>Once it is you could mix it in like you did in your recipe. <br> <br>The result should be strawberry marshmallows with real strawberry bits throughout the marshmallow. <br> <br>And it should be stable, because the extended mixing would shred the cooked strawberries very finely and ensure they reach a moisture equilibrium with the marshmallow while it's setting,meaning they won't weep or melt. <br> <br>Practically any fruit that can be turned into a fruit chunk filled syrup would work. <br>(there is probably a term that, but I don't know it) <br> <br>Or you could be twisted and use fruit roll up or gummie bears or any sort of similar candy. LOL <br> <br>I love the note about giving the bowl to your friend's kids hehehe, very funny.
Thanks for this recipe! I adapted mine to be mint flavored. (Maybe I added a bit too much extract, but the texture was great. :) ) They still tasted awesome.
can you use a flavored jello to make these? or will it not work...
How much gelatin is this? For the life of me, I cant find gelatin &quot;envelopes&quot; anywhere here.
The knox envelopes have 7 grams in them, which would probably be around 1.5 tbsp. If you can only get leaf gelatin, four sheets is the same as one packet of powdered.
I need to try this.. Looks so soft and delicious!
Must do. Bacon flavor.
Oh my these look so amazing! Thanks for sharing!

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