Lemon Vinegar Tincture




Introduction: Lemon Vinegar Tincture

This is a great tincture for all your recipes that call for regular vinegar.

Step 1: Gather Your Ingredients

Plain ole vinegar, a mason jar, lemons, citrus peeler.

Step 2: Use the Best

Start with good healthy lemons. Make sure they are not bruised or any type of damage.

Step 3: Peel Away

Peel the lemons and add them to your mason jar. Next add just enough vinegar to cover the peels. Once you have a jar full of lemon peels and topped of with vinegar, close the lid and let them sit for 30 days. Once it's done, pour over a strainer into a clean container. That's it! After 30 days you will have a wonderful citrus infused tincture. This will add the fresh scent and cleaning power of lemon to your favorite cleaning solution.



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