At some point each day I find myself searching google images. For the most part I get what I am looking for but as I scroll down a bit I get things that totally don't fit the key word. I don't remember what I was searching for in this instance but I happened upon a blueberry pasta (linguini I think) recipe with some sort of fruity sauce poured over the top. It looked and sounded delicious.

I love ravioli so I thought stuffing it with a sweet lemon and ricotta filling would be great twist on the recipe I saw - and since I have a ravioli pan screaming to be used again I came up with these tasty little sweet ravioli puffs.

Step 1: Prepare Lemon

Juice and zest one lemon and set aside.
<p>My apologies, I cannot believe I have not previously applauded this fantastic Instructable! Excellent. Congrats on your win!</p>
<p>One of the best &quot;ibles&quot; I have read! Deep thanks!</p>
guess what! i made these last night, though mine were not as pretty, due to lack of ravioli pan, they were delicious! went over really well, even with my picky 3 year old. When I told my baby brother (24 yr old) what was for postre, he said, &quot;hmm...that sounds fancy...&quot; when he finally got to eat some he said, &quot;that was fancy and delicious&quot; he wanted to take the leftovers, but we are having them with breakfast this morning. you totally deserved to be a pasta contest winner!
Thanks! I'm so glad you made and loved them. That filling is so fantastic isn't it??!! I love to hear about it when people try the recipes I post! Thank you for sharing!
Congratulations on being a winner in the pasta contest!
Thank you! I'm very honored to have won.
Thank you.
what a cool idea ^_^
Thanks, they are delicious too!
You took the words right outta my mouth! =D
Good whoa I hope. :)
For sure!
These look super amazing! Are they more like a dessert than a dinner?
Yes, although they would make an amazing breakfast!!

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