Introduction: Lemon Sickles

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Hi! You will love this fun, easy, and delicious recipe for you to enjoy! You will need: I can of lemonade(makes two sickles) Popsicle sticks

Step 1: Tape 'me Down

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Pour the lemonade into the cups evenly. Fill each cup up to 1-2inches before the rim. Insert the Popsicle stick and tape it down likewise:

Step 2: Freeze 'em

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Stick the sickles in the freezer for 1-1 1/2 hours.

Step 3: Voila!

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Once the sickles are done freezing, carefully remove the tape, and tap the bottom of the cup on a counter top. When the sickle is loosened, gently remove the sickle, and enjoy!!


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aqua 12 (author)2013-06-28

Nice for summer

amonj02 (author)2013-06-28

Thanks! Yes he is.

sunshiine (author)2013-06-27

Nice job on your instructable! I loved your profile picture! He is so cute.

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