Lemonator! 3D Printed Juice Squeezer of Awesomeness *updated*





Introduction: Lemonator! 3D Printed Juice Squeezer of Awesomeness *updated*

About: Crazy and creative Industrial design student at Kielce Technology University.

*Again by the great community I was able to print my design with help of a great man: Multimaker!
He printed my design on his 3D printer. You should definitely check out his channel on youtube!*

Do you know that feeling when only thing you want to do is just take a sip of cold lemonade? We all know it... But I am always out of lemonade when I need it! However making lemonade can be messy... You have to squeeze lemons, pour the juice to bottle, add sugar... or put it on a glass and use it just like a regular squeezer!

I came up with an idea that can save you some time and allow to make the process a little bit faster. Lemonator is the bottle add-on that allow you to squeeze lemon juice directly into the bottle! Then add some sugar and you have bottle of lemonade! I prefer to add some fresh mint to it, it is even more refreshing!

This is quite unique design. It can be made in one piece only by 3D printing. The other molding methods will require two parts that are glued together or other complex action.

This instructable takes part in two contest, if you like my idea please consider pressing Vote button :) Thank you!

26.05.2015: Instructable was mentioned at freethinking.com by Mitch Free, yay!
02.06.2015: Guys from Omni Dynamics Printed Lemonator with their Strooder filament! It looks awesome! Check out the video at their instagram!

Step 1: Design Process

The key feature of my design is that you can put the whole thing on the bottle and let the juice flow directly into the bottle. I tried to figure out the dimensions to fit the neck of the bottle nicely.

Whole shape was designed by me, however I had inspiration in similar product that i saw on the Internet. I made only one quick drawing which you can see on the photo. It was in the middle of the night - I have always some paper and pencil, just in case I have idea.

Now in version 1.4 it supports a lot more bottles due to the new design!

The main problem in 3D printed stuff is... well... 3D printing. I had to avoid overhangs that are more than 45 degrees. Considering a fact that my design have some internal structure that would be difficult to clean from support material. However printing on ultimaker shows that everything goes fine and there are no overhangs that you should be worried about!

Step 2: 3D Model

Here you can download 3D model. These my recommendations on printing:

  • use ABS plastic
  • After printing it try to make it a little bit more smooth using acetone vapor or similiar method. But be careful and let the acetone fully evaporate from plastic before using it.
  • use highest layer height you can for the best results - I reccomend at least 0.3mm layer height-infill should be around 10% but as always - more is better

Estimated print time: 3h:22m:6s With settings:
0.3mm layer height
2 outter shells
10% infill
60mm/s speed
258 layers generated

You can download files also at Pinshape - here I am also available to hire there so if you want a 3D model for your project just contact me there.

Step 3: 3D Printed Model!

Thanks to Multimaker (go and check his awesome videos!) The prints came out really nicely!! However there are differences in the dimensions of the bottles and he couldn't fit it on any bottle(till now!)... However I will add fittings that will make it suitable for any bottle!

Stay tuned and send me dimensions of the inner and outer diameter of your bottle's neck! I will try to make a fitting for anybody! *UPDATE* New design uploaded! Enjoy!

This print was done on Ultimaker 2 with following settings:

  • 0.8 mm nozzle
  • 0.2mm layerheight
  • 1.6mm shell
  • 1mm bottom/top
  • 20% infill
  • 70mm/s
  • material used: Colorfabb Signal Yellow PLA/PHA

My design printed well even without support material!

Step 4: That Is All Folks!

Thank you for being with me and spending time on reading this instructable.

I hope you will print lemonator for yourself and use it ;) If you do, please spend a while uploading photos by clicking "I made it" button it is always motivating for me when I see people follow my instructables.

Just to be notified about what is currently going on with my projects you can follow me on twitter @KonradSzmit fell free to say Hi there ;)

You can also hire me at Pinshape - I can make 3D models for your projects!

by kondzio29

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    AMAZING job! I will definitely vote and favorite!! Now, if life gives you lemons... you 3D print a lemon squeezer and make someLEMONADE!

    1 reply

    haha you're Right! Hope this time life will give me any prize from a contest ;) thank you for commenting

    Hi, this is a really nice design! I printed one of these a time ago and while they work very well they also loose some material while squeezing... so be sure to print this in PLA and not ABS.

    Here" is the juice squeezer I'm talking about:


    I like your design more but I think you also should make threads so it can fit a bottle without the need to hold it while squeezing hard.

    5 replies

    Now I think about it... instead of threads you also could make some kind of ergonomic handle under the squeezer (so make the funnel longer by adding a grip). That way you can push the squeezer on the bottle (and stabilise it) with one hand and squeeze with the other. i think this is better then threads since you can squeeze in both directions without unscrewing it. The way it is now it's not that userfriendly because there is no easy way to hold the bottle and prevent the juicer from rotating while squeezing.

    that is better idea than putting thread there. i will make a model of

    handle soon.

    Thank you for commenting! I will definitely consider making a thread! However I've never designed a thread like this, and I am not sure how it will came out. Without 3D printer I can't test it :/

    you can download a realistic coke bottle, cut of the threads and subtract that (scales 0.1% bigger) from the juicer. Or you can use an openscad library to generate the threads and subtract that. Grtz

    Maybe I can do it, but think about it. Creating a thread will limit it to one certain type of bottle. Current design is a little bit more open for different types of bottles.

    If that Instructable does not win a price than something must be wrong, for me it ticks all what is necessary for a great entry.
    I like it!

    1 reply

    Thank you for that kind words! I hope you are right and I will win something ;) For now you can share this instructable :) it will help me a lot!

    This is a quite nice idea and design - well done!
    But you should think about protecting the idea as otherwise I see commercial copycats taking it before the contest is over.
    The only "problem" I have is the hygine point of view.
    Cleaning the inside seems to be quite hard as the access is very restricted.
    It might be a good idea to have the bottom part as a screw in fitting.
    This way it can be used as a normal juicer and also cleaned properly, while simply putting the inner bit back allows for filling bottles directly.

    4 replies

    interesting, but I dont think that my skilat this time will let me do this :D but i will try and if i manage to do this i will upload next version of it

    Great work on the instructable, clear concise, and well thought out but I just wanted to let you know that it is currently a commercial product. If you google bottle top juicer you will find it.

    There are similar commercial designs out there but they are slightly different.
    I am not 100% sure about the legal things in all countries but I would assume the design is different enough from the commercial model.

    As for printing in ABS and loosing pieces of it:
    Once the thing is printed and cooled down place into a sealed container with some acetone.
    Make sure the acetone is seperated from the part, like using a glass for it.
    The vapor will "melt" the outside of the part and once it looks nice any shiny you open the conatiner, remove the acetone and let the part dry for a few hours.
    Not only do you get a smooth finnish but also a product that is much easier to keep clean - a fact that counts these days with kids and the elderly.

    I see no problem with that ;) I said that i had inspiration in an existing product, I tried to make it available to anyone who have 3D printer, I don't have any profit for doing this so I assume that I did not break any law or copyright. Free stuff. that is all about in my case. Anyone can print it with cost of the filament.

    cheers ;) thank for comment

    as abs is toxic ..is it good to make parts like this which is used for food ?

    1 reply

    Hello! While the ABS contains toxic elements such as styrene that are toxic by itself in the final ABS form they are quite stable and pretty safe for use ;) Legos are made from ABS and kids can play with them, so I don't think that they will let kids play with toxic materials. Also there are other materials containing styrene and they are used in contact with food. Acrylonitrile
    styrene (AS) and styrene acrylonitrile (SAN) are used in Brita
    pitchers and cutlery, dishes and cups. So I do not think that ABS is toxic in any way. And if it is, the toxicity level is probably so low that we shouldn't care about it too much. Thank you for the comment and asking a good question!

    Nice idea, I like it! :)

    Can you please provide .sldprt file? I would like to make some changes on my own, maybe I'll print it by my self, I have an idea for upgrade :)

    2 replies

    sure! It's open design, I would love to see any upgrades from the community! Is it okay for you if I upload it tomorrow? I will send you link to the file in private message as soon as I wake up (it is middle of the night here;) cheers! Thanks for comment!

    Okay, great!
    No problem, it's not a rush :)