Step 7: Tie One On...

Attach your rag to the cap or lid of the jar.

Use electrical tape to seal around the opening with the straw.


Do not use as a projectile of any sort.
Do not set the rag ablaze.  It is used for wiping your mouth after a delicious drink.
Can be consumed when pregnant or nursing but not when hormones are imbalanced.
Enjoy responsibly and in moderation.

Oh thank you! This is exactly what I was looking for. We are hosting a Bonfire Night party and will be serving Irish Car Bombs (Cuz we are multi-cultural that way) but I wanted another drink that maybe the kids could partake of (since I won't let them drink the kool-aid) This will be perfect.<br><br><br>
look alot better in one of those big ol' russian vodka bottles, like stoli or absolut put a red star on the rag for a full affect.
im a optimist i think its 1/3 full !&nbsp;!<br />
I'm an engineer, the glass is 2/3rds bigger than it needs to be. :D<br />
im an angry person, and imma gonna kill the jerk who drank2/3 my mocktail!!! &gt;:( Or... the glass would be 100% full of air, but it cant be because it is 1/3 full of mocktail...
is that from the playue and a platapus book?<br />
&nbsp;exactly :D Engineers are dah bomb<br /> <br />
I thought molotovs were served in beer bottles :P<br />
Yup, be sure to use a straw.<br />
Thank you! The phrase &quot;you don't know what is canned up in this guy&quot; is quite fitting.<br /> <br /> L<br />
yup have to agree.never know what youre going to say next.<br /> &nbsp;and congrats not many of us have a drink/bomb named after us.<br />
No, it was a suprise, but <strong>caitlin's</strong> likes to do this... You posted some good stuff, it's nice to see/read you again.<br /> <br /> L<br />
You have become a drink, destroyer of thirst.<br />
I <em>was</em> wondering where you'd gone - holiday?<br /> <br /> L<br />
adding a bit of chocolate nesquik is good too
I love it!<br />
LOL this is awesome! I think replacing the electrical tape with duct tape would finish it off though! Definitely five stars*****!<br />
Ha ha. Good work. ^.^<br />
sic)<br />
lol, i really feel like making one of these<br />
Drink this cocktail, or be first against the wall when Lemonie's revolution comes! You have been warned.
Oh, this is classic.<br /> <br /> Well done, that closet anarchist!<br />
&nbsp;This is so funny!
Viva la revolucion!<br />
.&nbsp; Fantastic!<br />

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