Introduction: Lemonpickle's (unfinished) Spectre

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Thanks to Lemonpickle, he said that his Kiparis was an unfinished I took the liberty of finishing it for him. =D


lemonpickle (author)2012-08-06

Btw you have the mag in wrong. An nice job on the work. :D

KnexMaster51 (author)2012-08-01

Looks exactly like the real spectre, very nice job. How does it shoot?

rheath2 (author)KnexMaster512012-08-03

You put a long pin in the back, LOLOLOLOL. And when you pull the trigger the pin has roon to shoot out.

Knex.X (author)2012-05-04

Not bad at all

rheath2 (author)2012-02-01

Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =P

dr. richtofen (author)rheath22012-02-07


dr. richtofen (author)2012-02-01

Looks nice! But you might want to add an picture of the real spectre M4 (yes, thats it's full name)

rheath2 (author)2012-01-29

Thanks! =D

rheath2 (author)2012-01-28

The name might confuse is finished. =P

rheath2 (author)2012-01-27


The Chunky Sniper! (author)2012-01-26

Looks good so far!

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